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Jc and Tony and Slash, Oh My! ... or, something.'s Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Jc and Tony and Slash, Oh My! ... or, something.'s LiveJournal:

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
1:57 am
i know this is a dead community and all but i have a story that you can find in my journal. 
its not really full on jc/tony but there is a bit. its called "The Last Kiss". 
please read. enjoy.
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
5:56 am
Hmm...*pokes everyone* It's kind of interesting to be the first to post something in well over a year. But my theory is Jc's alive, Tony's alive. There still very pretty and (they kinda sorta have angsty sex allthetime...) I was listening to Mr. Lucca and decided I wanted a pretty new background. So I made one of the jc/tony persuasion. Then I remembered there was a lj community I had seen floating around that I could share this at. So if anyone is still alive out there. Here you go!


Read more...Collapse )

Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
1:59 pm
Please read & sign the petition to bring the New Mickey Mouse Club (seasons 6 & 7 that Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and JC Chasez starred in) to DVD for sale.


Also, please feel free to tell others about this petition. We need as many signatures as we can get.
Friday, June 11th, 2004
3:42 pm
New JC/Tony
Okay, I just finished and posted my first ever JC/Tony fic. I'm sure it's not that good at all, but just in case y'all wanted to read it, here it is: [ With No One to Catch You ]

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, September 25th, 2003
1:25 pm
Seems the world of JC/Tony slash is a little dead. Is anyone writing any good JC/Tony stuff or read anything good lately? If I don't read something new soon I may just be forced to write some myself & believe me, that is not something you want inflicted on you.

I guess I should also say I am pretty new to this community, although I've been lurking here for a while. As you can probably guess I am both a JC & Tony fan. The funny thing is, I'm not a huge slash fan, but for some reason JC/Tony does it for me.

Oh & there is this for anyone who hasn't seen it. ;)
Monday, November 18th, 2002
11:10 am
There are people on this list that aren't on mine. So I figured I'd post it here too. :D

I wrote a JC/Tony this morning. It's posted in my journal, the story is called 'Making Music Together' and it is [here].

I hope you enjoy it. :)

Current Mood: creative
Thursday, September 12th, 2002
12:56 pm
Hi everyone. I've been working on a page for JC's MMC days. I have most of it done and thought you guys might enjoy it. I hope you will.

Also, anyone ever considered writing Wipeout/Jeff slash? Their Emerald Cove characters were great and JC and Tony did great with them. And JC as Wipeout was just too adorable.
Sunday, August 25th, 2002
10:44 pm
more fic.
Hullo, everyone. I've been poking around this community for a while, but hadn't really done the whole... joining up bit. So, I just did, and I wanted to share some more JC/Tony happiness pie.

Lighthouse (http://www.livejournal.com/talkpost.bml?journal=stevelovesjc&itemid=1869)

I'm still fairly new to, well. Everything, really. But I thought I'd stop in and share.

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, August 11th, 2002
2:26 am
Totally not JC/Tony related.

But Tony is guh. I've listened to "Do Without", "Immaculate Dawn (Live in Toronto)" ('Play naked twister on the law'), and "A Thousand Daydreams" and became speechless at the first verse in "Do without." Guh-ness.

I've been toying with the idea to pair him with someone else. Different. Like Jason Wade. Maybe. Cos JC/Tony seems so.. soo.. already together. Odd? Like yeah. They are almost perfect for each other (except for the whole thing they are boys and b/c of ignorance its not acceptable yet)

yeah. I'll shut up. It's called sugar and your ex bothering you. Night All :-)

Current Mood: guh
Wednesday, August 7th, 2002
1:37 am
New Jc/Tony fic archive. Mariah's got it now and she'll actually keep up with it! :]

The info's been changed on the community website.

Go! To the new archive! Now!



EDIT: So, Mariah posted, but. hahahaha.
12:23 am
story archive.
the archive has a new address.


that's all! :)
Thursday, July 18th, 2002
8:13 pm
Article about Tony from here.

Musician returns to play with Anthony

Oakland singer comes back after 'N Sync gig
July 18, 2002


Local fans might spy a familiar face onstage at tonight's Marc Anthony show: opening act Tony Lucca.

Born in Pontiac, raised in Waterford, the singer-songwriter scored the opening slot for Anthony's summer-long, nationwide tour. It's the second big homecoming this year for Lucca, who now lives in LA; he opened for 'N Sync at the Palace of Auburn Hills in April. But this one has a big emotional tie-in. The former Pine Knob was the site of the first concert Lucca attended: Hall & Oates in 1981.

Big things could be on the way for Lucca, who at 14 earned a stint on "The Mickey Mouse Club" after an audition at the Renaissance Center. He spent four years on the show, which is now legendary for grooming several of today's big teen pop stars, including Britney Spears and 'N Sync's JC Chasez, who remains a close friend of Lucca.

But Lucca, 26, isn't making the sort of glossy dance bubble-gum associated with those acts. With just an acoustic guitar and his voice, his stuff is more reminiscent of a poppy Dave Matthews.

"I would have been foolish along the way to deny the pop thread post-'Mouse Club,' to deny the potential listeners and fans," he says. "But I've never felt the need to cling to that sort of style. I've always been more prone to do things that felt more natural and avoid any one category.

"And I've been able to sit back and watch and learn."

Lucca has released three independent albums, including a compilation of his best stuff, which he sold to 3,000 fans during the 'N Sync run in the spring. Today he's got a disc of new material he's using to shop his wares to major labels -- music he produced with Chasez and Anthony's guitarist, Andy Abad. He landed his spot on this summer's tour after performing a personal showcase for Anthony and his management in a hotel suite.

"I guess I made some new fans there," he says. "It was one of those 'Behind the Music' moments. And that was it. I decided I'd found a family."

Lucca's own family will be at DTE Energy Music Theatre tonight, just miles from his alma mater, Clarkston High School.

"I think it's a testament to their support and encouragement that I'm still sticking with this, still making waves," he says. "I've been out doing this for a while -- it's just in a larger form each time."

While he won't downplay the importance of playing arena dates with 'N Sync, Lucca appreciates the older crowds at the Anthony shows.

"The audiences seem a little more willing to listen," he says, adding with a laugh, "It's a nice change of pace from that prepubescent shrill of the 'N Sync circuit."





Or, at least that's what I get out of the article.


Current Mood: eeeeee!
1:58 pm
I have something to say.

Just, like.

Incase any of you missed it?

I just wanted to make sure everyone knew.


Here goes.



Look! Look at those BOYS!


Supposed to be writing songs together over this here hiatus.


[waits impatiently]

Current Mood: eeeeeeeee!
Monday, July 15th, 2002
7:24 am
I have not written JC/Tony in a while. I am not feeling the love right now. Someone cheer me up. :(

Current Mood: apathetic
Monday, June 24th, 2002
5:35 pm
The Fiction Project!
The fiction project is now complete!

There's a bit more JC/Tony in the world!

So Far

Big thanks to everyone who wrote! Y'all did a great job! Special thanks to everyone who helped me scramble last night.

So go! Read! Feedback! Dance!

Saturday, June 22nd, 2002
12:20 pm
Who wants to beta my pathetically horrid story? I'm just a little nervous about it. I wrote it in 30 mins at 2 am the day of the original deadline and i think it sucks.

Current Mood: crushed
Friday, June 21st, 2002
10:39 pm
My First JC/Tony Fic...
This is my first JC/Tony fic. It's not really too slashy, but it has JC bitterness and Tony looking pretty. LOL. Nah but seriously, I'd love some feedback. :) Music At It's BestCollapse )

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, May 21st, 2002
10:53 am
Whee! Fic Update!
JC/Tony! Update! Hee!

If I Had It All

Go! Love it! :)
Sunday, May 19th, 2002
12:03 am
Join Please!
I'm crazy yes...this is very true. Crazy to the point that I made my own community because hell like I said I'm crazy. Join it...its deicated to my obsession with TrickC. TrickC Love. Join it. Adore it. Post in is. Hell do anything, just join! Yup...woooo!

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, May 14th, 2002
3:05 pm
Helllllp meeeeeeee!!!
Help! Help! I'm on fire!

Ok, maybe that was a lie. But I do need help. There was, some time ago, a little article floating about that had JC and Tony interviewing each other back in their MMC days. Or maybe they weren't so much interviewing each other as talking about each other. Either/or.

Could someone help me find that, please? I neeeeeed it.

Current Mood: curious
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